Drew Daniel Is A Fucking Asshole
Worst BB Contestant Ever

Tivo! I have a very perverse taste when it comes to reality contestants. I love BB2's villainous Will Kirby even when he's hooking up with Shannon Dragoo and planning to lie about having cancer. Hell, I love Shannon. I also love BB4 winner Jun Song because she is so sneaky yet so so bitchy at the same time. BB3's Danielle is a favorite too because she takes no prisoners. On the other hand, Drew Daniel, at the time of writing having kicked out his BB5 paramour Diane to the curb to take the idiot Cowboy to the Final Two, is one of the most despicable assholes I've ever seen on this show.

Okay, it's easy to hate him on first impression alone. He's a 22-year old fratboy, recently graduated from lawschool and now looking forward to bumming around in LA thanks to his deep trust fund. His fans make it easier to hate him - they are typical brainless idiot girlies who keep saying that everything Drew does is so good and perfect because he is so hot. Um yeah, ladies, good luck with trying to get money for the backstreet doctor when you learn too late that the future JFK, Jr ain't thinking of settling down with you even if he happily receives handjobs from you every night. Which is what Diane learned when he surprised her by kicking her out and then leaving behind a really cold goodbye message tantamount to a public dumping.

Isn't it fair, you ask, for someone to use any means necessary to win? Yes and no. When I say yes, I'd say that someone can lie, cheat, betray in the context of a game to win. But what Drew did goes beyond that: he toyed with an emotionally unstable idiot who had revealed to him that she had a long history with Mr Wrongs. Or let me ask this: should he have led her along all this while? Should he freaking make out with her every night and even receive handjobs from her, before talking about rekindling his relationship with his pre-show girlfriend Vanessa so soon after his dumping of Diane?

Diane isn't the victim here, let me make this clear. She's an idiot who willingly betrayed all her allies and burned all her bridges on a flimsy hope that a man with a pretty face will love her after the show. But the fact that Drew coldly accused her of riding his coattails really rankle because it is the other way around: Diane betrayed all her allies to bring Drew to the Final Three. She threw the final Head of Household contest because she wanted one chance to redeem herself with a former ally - a vote that would do her no good anyway - and Drew crucified her for it. That bitch didn't want to do everything his way - she must be a slut! Slut!

So after making out with Diane when he had another girlfriend at home and receiving handjobs from her in the process, Drew had the nerve to tell Cowboy that he ditched Diane was because he tried to bring her over to the Word of the Lord and she refused to see the light. Um, yeah, and I guess that was the hallelujah chorus booming from the heavens when she brought him off with her hand.

If he didn't want her, he should have never led her on to believe that he loved her. That Diane was head over heels when it came to Drew. As much as I despised Diane for her stupidity in throwing away her entire game two episodes into the season and doing everything just to drag a Mr Maybe to the finish line, I feel sorry for her because no woman deserves to be played this way, not on national TV, and certainly not by a jerk who:

1. Spent the entire season saying nothing of interest or doing anything of interest except for tedious make-out sessions with Diane. And he was a lousy kisser, by the way, because he couldn't be good if the sounds he made while smacking lips resembled that of baby seals getting clubbed in the head.

2. Is a despicable coward who led Diane along and then used delusional self-justifications to explain his decision.

3. A pathetic hypocrite who reads the Bible and then cheats on his girlfriends at the same time.

4. Holds a huge sense of self-entitlement.

5. Resembles every disgusting, loathsome trust fund spoiled Republican baby to ever hit the social papers.

The sad thing is, there are many Drew fans - mostly women - who will keep insisting that they love Drew and everything is Diane's fault because she isn't "pure" for him so it's great that he dumped her in the end. They are like mini-Dianes waiting to be used by him, so blinded by his looks are they that they are so sure that they are The One for him and he must be telling the truth when he says that the Other Bitches in his life did him wrong, the poor man, those disgusting sluts. The fact that Drew will go on his merry way, whether he wins this stupid show or not, and find more stupid women to use and abuse, women who will forgive him for everything because he is so cute, makes me loathe him even more. He makes me realize that sometimes we women are our worst enemies, and in the case of a stupid rigged reality show like Big Brother, that is too much reality for me to accept without a bitter taste in my mouth.

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