we plan to use copyrighted pictures 4 our covers in the future bcos copyrighted pictures are signs of quality. amatoors are using free clip art which we dont want bcos we want to stand out. already we have used brad pitts face for our upcoming book "staining bedsheets wit my love" by clara s andersin and we have just discovere dplenty opf sexy photos in father abner's pc so with god's blessing we r going to make high quality covers

we r one big family and our royalty are ours. 4 example my daughter need money for her hysterectomy next month so the royalty will go 2 her and authos wont get paid sry but thats life what can u do. if u want ur royalty pls write 2 us and we will evaluate ur situation. we write 4 love, not money, and money will be used only 4 those who need it in our big family. thx,..

we will also protect u from mean ppl out there on blogs and message boards. if u let us know who is badmouthing u, we will gather ur friends and com eto ur rescue. abner jo's wife knows a laweyer so if we can also sue ppl for slandering and libeling... remember... we r one big family who help each other....

bcos we are one family pls do ur part to sell ur books. ask ur husband, children, family members, and friends 2 buy our books and spread the word trisky lion is the best becos we are publisher WITH HEART AND SOUL!!!!!11.... thx... god bless america