font color="#000000">3 IS FOR PLEASURING by bestselling hottie author CAROL CHRISTMAS

what happening when Sydney Simmeria the sexy hot secret agent mate hot cIA agent Franklynn D'Aasparaguin and sexier hotter male fbi ahent vampore count Vladoo Dracula? Vladdoo Dracula has a secret he has kept for 4 million yers: he was the tortured son of coun drcacula who have kill many, many ppeople in pensylvania amd he is afradi that he wll becum like his fathers. Franklin is like his best fren nad lover who offered his comfort and soul.... now a woman has come under the two mens..... .... ... can a woman love a vampore cia agen and a fbi agent/astronaut???? when evil darkywn duck bites frankie and TURNED HIM INTO A WEREWOLF!!!!!!! sydney must her secret hearrt magical to save the two men she has come to lovinfg.,,,.,,

buuy this magical love story in the tradition of kristie feehan and cherrilyn canyon, only hotter!!!!!! u will not REGRET this!!!!!!!!!!

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