Blind Love
by Tamelia Tumlin, paranormal (2008)
The Wild Rose Press, $1.50, ISBN N/A

As you can probably tell from the cover price, Blind Love is a very, very short story.

Let's see, we have a doctor, Jared Fields, who is struck by a curse where he's a deformed man by day (think the Elephant Man rather than just a scar or two on the face) and a jaguar by night. Anna Stodger is a former schoolteacher who dropped everything in her life to follow her father across the country to hopefully find some kind of fresh start after the death of her mother. The plane crashed, with her being the sole survivor. Guess who finds her and offers her some TLC.

The problem with this story is its utter unbelievability. It's a readable, if very sentimental, read, but I have a hard time figuring out the story. Anna doesn't seem concerned about getting to some place where she can access better medical treatment, especially when she is struck blind after the accident. Jared asks her to marry him by the end of this short story and she says yes. I'd think she will need to take a while to digest the fact that she has lost her father and has been in a plane crash, but here she is, marrying a man who is not exactly your everyday Joe.

No, I don't buy the story at all. Blind Love is readable but it is also way too short for its own good.

Rating: 50

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