The Whore
by Lilli Feisty, futuristic (2010)
Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-1-60928-039-0

By 2012, the world suffered from a series of natural disasters that wiped out most women and children, leaving behind strong men to assign labels like Whore, Breeder, Priestess, and Wanderer to the remaining women. Of course, a woman in any of the four classes is still required to service men sexually, so I don't see the purpose of doing all that labeling. Maybe it's neater that way.

Bryn, our heroine in The Whore, is a Whore, obviously.

Aside from the worry of conceiving a child, Bryn considered sucking cock the worst part of her role as a prostitute.


Bryn had taken so many cocks into her mouth during that six-month period, she'd thought her jaw would break.

Oh, the poor thing!

Bryn works in the Dusty Rose, numbing her lips at the start of every work day in anticipation of all those ugly and hairy things that will be put into her mouth. Of course, you know that there will be a man that she will give up the lip gloss for. That will be Captain Xander, whom she meets when she sneaks out of the brothel one night. She predictably gets accosted by some random mooks and Xander comes to her rescue. He's the captain of the pirate schooner The Sugar Skull, and Bryn soon finds herself the newest crew member. Xander believes in running a ship where everyone gets to shag to his heart's content. Isn't this a wonderful thing?

Well, Xander believes her to be a boy named Brian. It's therefore a good thing that in this setting, everyone is willing to boink everyone else - boy or girl, it doesn't matter.

I have to laugh when I finish The Whore. It's quite ridiculous. I mean, the first thing Xander does to make "Brian" feel cozy in his ship of sodomy is to demonstrate on his first mate in front of "Brian" the fine art of how guys do each other. The story continues in this vein. It's gloriously and unapologetically smutty, with some high adventure thrown in. It helps that Bryn isn't some tedious innocent victim and the author doesn't shove an unconvincing marriage-and-babies ending on me.

Despite its rather cartoon-like premise, this ship of sodomy has its ample share of smutty fun. I have this feeling that if you adjust your expectations and treat The Whore as a campy work of beautiful smut, you may enjoy it as much as I do.

Rating: 85

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