by Thea Devine, historical (2002, 1994 reissue)
Brava, $14.00, ISBN 0-7582-0322-5

What do you know, I found this book in a used book store. I've lost my previous copy, so what a happy day it was that day! And yes, Desired is just as dirty bad fun as I remembered. It is way over the top and filled with fun, downright dirty sex that I have the time of my life.

The plot, if you can call the mess in this story is that, is something like this. Dayne is the spoiled and not-too-bright daughter of Harry Templeton, owner of a Louisiana sugar plantation called Orinda. She doesn't like her home much, because her father is indulging in exhibitionist sex with Nyreen the Slut everywhere in the house. Instead, she indulges in a Romeo and Juliet foreplay-all-access-allowed thing with Clay Rutledge, the wastrel son of Olivia, the matriarch of the neighboring plantation Bonneterre. The Rutledges and the Templetons, by the way, are feuding over a long-lost drama involving slaves, missing diamonds, and thwarted love.

But Clay prefers to gamble and play with the whores in New Orleans, so Dayne is mad. She decides to get even with Clay by taking a gun and heading off towards the Bonneterre. Seriously, I'm not joking. Who she finds instead is the eldest son, the prodigal son came home named Flint, and he is bathing naked. Dayne can't help it - she has to spy on Flint and ooh, lots of italicized cooings about Flint's hirsute and hard muscled body and that hard part ensue. Then Flint catches him and they do some really nasty horsing around that ends up Dayne waving the gun at him, he lying on the ground, and she putting her foot over that hard bulging part of his and pressing her foot down in a scornful "Hmmmph!" manner before marching off like a queen. A dumb queen, but a queen nonetheless.

Wow. What's next? I hope there will be lots of sex.

What's next is Dayne dressing up in leather strips and nothing else and armed with a whip, heads off to play with Flint. I'm not joking. There is mild bondage to follow, spanking fun, molten sugar all over her body and he yummy-yum-yumming everywhere on her, and of course, the sex thing. Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW. Every day. He wants her every day, every where, and she comes to him every day. I tell you, all this because her house is screwed up? Going against daddy is never this fun.

I can go on about some nonsense about missing jewels and all, but who cares? Just wait until Dayne's brother Peter (heh heh heh) shows up from abroad and Nyreen the Slut gets all horny over him. Daddy-son-mistress love triangle! Nyreen rapes Peter in his sleep! Wow! Oh my! Then comes Flint's youngest sister, Lydia, obsessed on getting her virginal paws on Peter, and when Lydia catches Peter and Nyreen going at it hammer and dingdongs, she grabs a gun. No, not Peter's gun, but a real gun.

And I haven't mentioned about the Nyreen-Clay thing yet (yes, Nyreen goes everywhere, how gloriously cheap of her). Or the Mad Olivia and the missing jewels thing.

Or how Dayne and her whip play soon causes poor Flint to forget which way is up or down. Or how Flint soon turns Dayne's already sad brainpower into gruel fueled by lust.

The whole mess of a bad 1800s soap and sex opera culminates in lurid melodrama, but who's complaining? Not me. This is a really bad and lewd story of Louisiana inbreeding, complete with sex and skank ten million ways to Sunday. In fact, come to think of it, this book is just like those well-written dirty books wrapped up in brown paper and kept at the high shelves in adult bookstores.

And a plus - Flint is a really sexy, dark fellow. Sure, he has stamina, but boy, that guy is obsessed about Dayne. And the Nyreen-Harry-Peter lust, or shall I say, skank triangle is prime guilty pleasure. The fact that Peter and Nyreen do fall in love in their own twisted way only make this story even more enjoyable (yes, I'm sick, see two paragraphs below). This, people, is what good no-nonsense badass erotica should be all about - forget the plot, gimme the dirt and filth!

Can I say I wish this book could've gone on longer? You know, some Peter-Clay and Dayne-Nyreen thing will be only icing on the cake. How about Peter-Nyreen-Flint? Or Dayne-Clay-Flint? Or what the heck, let's get everyone in the sack together!

I am so sick, I know. I'll just shut up and get back to reading.

Rating: 94

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