Promise Me Tomorrow
by Candace Camp, historical (2000)
MIRA, $6.50, ISBN 1-55166-607-3

This book is second of the Three-Sisters-Separated-At-Birth-Now-Reuniting series started with A Stolen Heart. And like the latter book, Promise Me Tomorrow is a perfect comfort read with familiar characters, predictable relationship development, recognizable secondary characters, and lots of soap opera schmaltz thrown in to meet the emotional quotient. It's enjoyable, amusing at places, but it's so familiar that much of the emotional impact it could have on me is diluted by its predictability.

This time, we also have the good, pure-hearted Thief with the Heart of Gold heroine who tries to convince me that she robs for the sake of humanity. Whatever you say, Mrs Cotterwood/Mary Chilton/Marianne/Mary Annie (are you confused yet?).

While trying to do some thievery in the Castlereigh, she is stumbled upon by Justin. Justin sees her and stands at attention. Ooh, she's a marked woman now - he will make her as his mistress! He decides to track this woman down.

Meanwhile, our heroine (I can't decide what to call her, will Mary do?) Mary is being tracked down by her sister and the husband of the latter. But not everyone wants Mary to regain her birthright. Penelope Castlereigh, token best friend of heroine loves someone but she can't tell him and he can't see for himself that Penny is hot for him. Can Justin and Mary save the world and solve everyone's problems and make babies in time for the group hug scene at the end?

Well, of course. Mary is typical Regency pinup material - watch how she becomes increasingly guilt-ridden over her crimes! Also, she is a Rape Survivor! Can Justin teaches her to Be A Woman Aware Of Her Body again? Will Justin realize that he is in love with her?

Will the bad guy ever stop cackling? Will the newly-reunited sisters pledge their heart and their husbands' unlimited funds to search the last missing sister?

Stay tuned for the next installment of Regency Sisters, same time in the next few months!

Rating: 78

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