No Other Love
by Candace Camp, historical (2001)
MIRA, $6.50, ISBN 1-55166-788-6

Great. American highwayman robs aristocratic British lady in moonlight, and they end up doing a PG version of backseat make-out. No Other Love? How about No Other Storyline? Oh yeah, the hero has a big vendetta against the heroine's evil brother-in-law (who has designs on her, the brother-in-law that is... no wait, the hero wants her too, so my qualifying statement isn't necessary after all). Hero also has been Wronged Before and Will Never Love Again.

Nicola Falcourt's the heroine, and she is traveling to see her poor sister (the latter married to the evil man who once caused Nicola and her manservant paramour to be separated) while she is attacked by Jack the highwayman. Jack robs only the carriages of the evil Earl of Exmoor (evil bro-in-law above) just to piss Exmoor off. He isn't above using Nicola in his games either, but hey, that's okay, he assures me, because Nic's a Woman and all Women are traitorous bitches. Yawn. Look who's using that lame excuse to act like a moron.

Nicola is the typical superheroine. Fearless, peerless in her courage, and yes, she is a healer too! All that's missing is her feminist tract reading. Wait a minute, maybe I overlooked that one when I gave a big yawn at some point in this story. Unfortunately, wily is left off her catalog of virtues, as she lets herself be manipulated silly by Jack and makes excuses for his behavior.

The story piddles to its predictable denouement. The other two couples in this Regency Sisters Reunited soap (A Stolen Heart and Promise Me Tomorrow) show up to say hi. Bad guy bites the dust. The usual.

No Other Love bores me like no other. It even has me making lousy puns. Bah.

Rating: 66

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