Felicia's Fling
by Jolie Cain, contemporary (2009)
Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-608-1

Felicia's Fling is a romance with an older woman and a younger man, but like so many stories of this sort, it follows a recognizable formula with few deviations from the script. I'm pretty disappointed by how familiar this story is as a result.

Felicia Weatherly is a divorcée with a young daughter to raise. Her ex-husband was a plastic surgeon who traded her for a superficial younger woman with a name like DeeDee. One day, she is dragged by her predictably outgoing best friend who is unnaturally obsessed with Felicia's sex life, to a club where Felicia becomes infatuated with a younger man named Nate Evans. Nate, like most younger men in such stories, behave more like a gentlemanly man of much older years. Sex with him is so great, it's amazing. Nate is so tediously sensible and mature that it's as if the author is overcompensating for his age by loading the character with plenty of saint-like characteristics.

Predictably, Felicia is like, "Ooh! I don't want a relationship! And he's younger than me, what will people think?" but in the end, the happy ever after is inevitable as Nate is the most awesome man in the universe.

Simply put, this isn't the most interesting story around by a long shot.

Rating: 54

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