Get Lucky
by Suzanne Brockmann, contemporary (2000)
Silhouette Intimate Moments, $4.50, ISBN 0-373-07991-5

Actually, the cover isn't as bad as it looks, really! I think the Marshmallow Man's rather cute, although I do wonder how he balances his rather bulky upper body on such dainty, pointy feet.

Get Lucky restores my faith in the Tall, Dark & Dangerous series, after the lackluster The Admiral's Bride and Identity: Unknown. Lt Luke "Lucky" O'Donlon is just a cheeky, rascally rogue with a heart of gold underneath his rakish facade, the stuff dreams are made of, and he meets his match in feisty, strong, and wonderful Sydney Jameson. A noble scoundrel and a willful, intelligent heroine make a great recipe for a wonderful, entertaining romantic thriller.

Some sick bastard is raping and beating up women around town, and Syd's neighbor Gina is a recent victim. Enraged that the police do not make the existence of this psycho known to the public before this, Syd takes it onto herself to tell the public. She's a journalist, after all, and she storms into the police HQ to work out a full access to the investigation in return for her testimony as a key witness as well as press silence.

Since the rapist may be a member of the Navy SEALs, Lucky is brought into the task force. Lucky is a committed bachelor, and Syd sees him as a walking Ken doll. But soon, sparks fly along with their body temperature. Ken decides that the only way to put this bossy woman in place is to seduce her into compliance. Syd sees right through him, however, and soon the baiter has become the baited. Guess who's having hormonal overdrive now, heh heh.

As usual, Ms Brockmann weaves in skilfully a very tense and absorbing suspense thread with a romance that has me laughing and sighing. Get Lucky is a book that should have been a full-length novel, because it has everything - romance, adventure, and nail-biting excitement. The only regret I have is that it ended too soon and the villain appeared out of the blue in the end.

And Lucky, oh naughty Lucky, where is he when I was thirty years younger? He starts out a lovable rascal just screaming for a wham in the gut, and Syd is the woman who delivers that. Syd isn't his type, for we all know Ken goes for Barbie, but soon this woman is driving him nuts with her control, courage, and spirit. He falls for the inside as well as outside Syd. That makes the possibility of Mr Dash and Glitter falling for a Miss Pretty Ordinary quite believable.

And best of all, Lucky and Syd are nice, good people worth rooting for. Both are people I'd love to invite over for tea, and seeing them fall in love in between making the streets of the world (okay, Coronado and San Felipe) safe for every man, woman, and child is heartwarming. They're larger than life heroes, and I love them for that.

Rating: 88

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