Passionate Kisses
by Denysé Bridger, assorted (2007)
Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-372-1

Passionate Kisses is a collection of assorted short stories by the author, four of which I understand have been previously published elsewhere. One can think of this as a pretty gift box full of various different nibble-sized candies and sweets, I suppose.

Any Other Way is a soap opera involving adultery-turned-love (after the significant others conveniently died), witness protection programs, and plenty of sex. Destiny Met is a historical short story about an affair with a soldier which results in a child, not that the heroine is sorry or anything. Bound is about sexual shenanigans in a hotel that may or may not be haunted. An Egyptian priest of Ra auditions for Anne Rice's next project When Jesus Meets Lestat in Perdition. Dream Sequence sees two people trying to make time for sex in a shack even as he tries to finish writing his book. This one is actually pretty romantic. 1-900-SURPRISE! is a sexual interlude between a twenty-one year old woman and her father's business associate who is twenty years her senior. The Hunt has two vampires living it up in a club.

All these stories are very short so they don't really offer much in terms of plot and characterization. However, I find Dream Sequence, Any Other Way, and 1-900-SURPRISE! interesting in their own ways and I wish the author has done a little bit more to expand these stories. What these stories do is to give me a pretty good idea of the author's eclectic tastes when it comes to writing across subgenres, be it romance or vampire emo drama or urban fantasy. Maybe it's better and more accurate to view Passionate Kisses as a sampler of Denysé Bridger's voice and style. While I am not exactly brimming with love for this collection, I can easily see myself enjoying this author's full-length work some time in the future.

Rating: 78

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