Capture Her Heart
by Cynthia Breeding, historical (2008)
Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 1-59998-868-2

Poor Kaitlin Coltan. Our 18th century miss is accompanying her father on a diplomatic mission to Alclud when she finds herself abducted and thrown onto a ship bound for Constantinople. Poor Kaitlin isn't just bound - literally - for her own personal Bertrice Small story, she's also having the hots for her kidnapper. Adair MacDouglas, our hero and the kidnapper in question, wants to sell Kaitlin off to Sultan and the Sultan Ali Stafa wants a virgin. So he shouldn't be fooling around with Kaitlin. Don't worry, Adair isn't a pimp, he just wants revenge. You see, he believes that Kaitlin's brother raped Adair's sister and therefore, instead of being a man and putting the rapist six feet under, Adair decides to do the right thing and target Kaitlin instead. Doesn't that make Adair so much more honorable, people?

I'll keep this short and simple - Adair behaves like a total ass here and even better, he learns at the end that he is completely wrong about the rape of his sister and he would have happily consigned an innocent woman to a terrible fate because of his hasty judgment. But I suppose that because he's in love with Kaitlin after barely fifty pages of pompous jerk behavior and shag scenes under unsavory circumstances, his behavior is alright then.

It is a really good thing that this story is so short that it ends before a blood vessel in my head bursts. Needless to say, you have to really enjoy this kind of captive fantasy to like this story.

Rating: 47

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