Tempt Me Twice
by Eden Bradley, contemporary (2009)
Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-489-7

I normally associate Eden Bradley with well-written BDSM stories, but Tempt Me Twice is a more "conventional", let's just say, story that doesn't feature riding crops or studded gloves. Just two guys, one girl, and some erotic party-for-three romp during a trip to Lake Tahoe.

Jessica is an artist who has a crush on her best friend Paul. Being that they are in San Francisco, I don't think anyone is surprised to learn that Paul has some inclination toward his own sex - he's involved with Noah. Jessie appreciates her friendship with Paul and respects his relationship with Noah, so she only sighs to herself whenever she thinks of the fun that she and Paul would have had if they could ever have a go at it.

She knows that a trip to Lake Tahoe with those two men would be sheer torture. The two men would be acting lovey-dovey while poor Jessie will be relegated to the third wheel position. But the two men insist that she needs a break after all the stress she has experienced in getting an art exhibition set up and going, so they pretty much drag her along without letting her tell them no. Imagine her surprise and delight when the two men are more than happy to play with her shortly after they have set up camp.

This is a threesome romp but... well, let me just say that if you like your threesome to lead to a ménage à trois happily ever after, you will be disappointed by the resolution of this story. There is a happy ending, but one party bows out gracefully to let two people have a go at the happily ever after, with no hard feelings involved. I personally have no problems with the way things turned out, but I know some readers will want me to warn them in advance of this, so I'm telling them now, heh.

This is a very short story, so characterization is superficial. However, the superficial treatment is still adequate to give me a good sense of who the two more important characters are. They aren't deep, but they have enough to give me this impression that they do like each other and they will be okay together. The sex scenes, which is obviously the main focus of this story, are sensual and scorching despite the short length of these scenes.

If a nibble-sized naughty romp is what you are looking for, Tempt Me Twice is worth a look.

Rating: 77

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