Breaking Becky
by Layne Blacque, contemporary (2007)
Liquid Silver Books, $4.50, ISBN 978-1-59578-368-4

In Breaking Becky, Becky Dommer is determined to avoid being trapped in a life typical of those poor gals back home who are stuck with and being beaten by their no-good husbands. To do this, she is determined to be a doctor's wife. She aims high - she begins an affair with the very married Executive Director of the Manhattan Orthopedics Associates. Alas, she finds herself going through all that trouble only to be dumped by him at the start of this story because he's not going to tarnish his standing among his peers by leaving his wife for her. How nice that Jake Sawyer, the doctor (and colleague, mind you) that she dumped for William Keene, the Executive Director, is here to pick up the broken pieces of her heart ego.

Yeah, yeah, say what you want, but I like Becky. Now this is one lady who knows how to aim high for a good life, heh.

The impossible beauty tossed back her shock of auburn waves. "What does it matter, Jake? You want to fuck me. I want to fuck you. So letís just do it." To emphasize her point, she stood on tiptoe and grabbed hungrily for his kiss.

Even in four-inch stilettos. he still towered over her, and she thrilled at the feeling of being made to feel small - delicate. At five-eight, and a curvy one hundred forty-five pounds, Becky was no light-weight, throwaway type. She had realized early in her sexual education that - for her, at least - a larger man was best.

Interestingly enough, she'd been able to forgive William his five-nine frame. But only because he made up for it with a seven-figure bank account.

The above shows why I like Becky - her take-no-prisoners attitude - as well as my issue with Ms Blacque's writing. From "impossible beauty" to "cascade of crimson curls" which will show up later in the story, there are many phrases in this story that are more at home in a romance novel that goes back to the 1980s. From "pecan-toned nipples" to "torpedoing erection jackhammering into the clinging heat" (oh, my), there are many phrases here that make me laugh for all the wrong reasons. "The enormity of his hard-on" is my current favorite phrase of the week.

Jake is a bit of a wimp, being used and tossed aside by Becky at whim, until towards the end when he has had enough and decides to show Becky who's the boss around the house. Even so, there is an interesting dynamic going on here, because while Jake may play the role of the Dom, he's an impotent one in the sense that he's often too eager to please Becky that she's the one in control of their sessions. Towards the end, it seems as if Becky is finally mastered by Jake and he may have finally found his missing testicles, but Ms Blacque glosses over how these two get to the blissful point. That is the biggest problem I have with this book: the supposedly powerful moment when Jake finally masters Becky is skipped over completely. That means this story has no pay-off!

Still, I love how Becky is so unapologetically mean and bitchy. The way she approaches sex is almost male if I am to use gender stereotypes here. Other readers may understandably hate Becky's guts, but I think she's adorable and I really, really wish this story has been more fully developed before it is published. At the very least, give me that scene of Jake finally getting the better of Becky.

Rating: 70

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