by Jaid Black, historical/time-travel (2001)
Ellora's Cave, $4.45, ISBN 1-84360-597-X

Warlord is a medieval Highlander king-kong dude and modern city gal boinkathon story. It's what happens when Duncan McLeod loses ninety percent of his vocabulary, starts beefing up on steroids, and starts behaving like... well, King Kong. It's the X-rated sex story Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall stashed into their private homemade amateur video collection. And it's all pretty boring to me.

Janet Duval is our heroine, who, while visiting Scotland on business, gets enveloped in some magic fog, loses her friend, and ends up in 1052 Scotland as the intended bride to one Euan Donald. Euan all but knocks her in the head and drags her into his lair, but they soon get down to making lots of whoopee. Subplots include the usual Highland clashes and all.

Now, Janet is a rather overweight heroine who enjoys sex and is only a little bit insecure. That's a plus. Another plus is that she doesn't seem to treat life like one giant pity party. She's actually rather normal. Euan, of course, is over-the-top Walking, Throbbing Erection material. The sex is hot, as usual, but this time I'm bored. The entire Warlord premise is familiar and done to death already, and there is only so much sex can do before I get desensitized and start craving more substantial storylines.

Warlord is adequate for a quick, easy read, but it's also a forgettable one.

Rating: 66

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