The Inscription
by Pam Binder, historical/time-travel (2000)
Sonnet, $6.50, ISBN 0-671-04765-5

This book is a bit too close to Highlander for comfort, but that's okay. Just buckle up and enjoy this unusual yet oh-so-wonderful time travel/fantasy romance with epic touches.

Lachlan MacAlpin is an immortal, as are members of his clan that reside by Loch Ness circa 1566. He dreams of a woman who would be his true love and help him defeat his enemy Subedei who slayed his father. That woman happens to be 21st century American gal Amber McPhee who he rescues from Loch Ness. The woman has no idea how she ended up in the past, but that doesn't stop her from going pitter-patter in her pulse at the sight of this cute Scots hunk in kilt.

The story unfurls in quite a leisurely pace as Amber gets used to being Lachlan's "betrothed" (for her protection). Lachlan will have to protect her from his enemies as well as the Council of Seven, the immortal busybody consortium who spoils everyone's lives with silly rules. Then there are some mysterious potions that could reverse immortality (a bit too convenient for the plot, I admit), and lots of fun in magic and intrigue.

Lachlan and Amber are really wonderful together. They talk, they listen to each other, and yes, they actually fall in love too. These two people are intelligent folks who know when they are in love and stop fighting the inevitable. They laugh and cry and yes, I can't help but to go along too.

I must admit the ending two or three chapters sort of drag, but I have a great time reading The Inscription. All the more awesome is the fact that this polished book is the author's debut. Wow! And I'm also intrigued by a character, a healer who becomes increasingly jaded by her inability to save the world from illnesses, especially when she herself is immortal - the unfairness poisons her slowly. I'm quite disappointed that the author gives her an underbaked secondary romance instead of a book of her own. Oh well, can't have everything, I suppose.

Rating: 86

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