by Juniper Bell, contemporary (2009)
Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-844-4

Juniper Bell's Doll will probably not work in real life. Our heroine, Chloe Garwood, wants to divorce her husband Andrew and keep her two children. However, it is not easy because Andrew, a powerful politician, holds all the reins in this marriage. Poor Chloe. Not only did she play the reluctant partner in Andrew's sex games all those years, now she can't even break free without wringing her hands and putting on a sad face. Prenuptial agreements, ladies - never walk down the aisle without one.

In this story, Chloe takes a trip to Bellhaven Island to sell her cottage in order to get the money to plot her next move. She falls in love with the local lobsterman Dustin McDougal who gives her some much-needed sexual healing before she gets her mojo back to stick it to Andrew... without taking him to the cleaners in the process.

I'm disappointed. Seriously, if you read this story, you will know that Chloe has the perfect ammunition to take her husband to the cleaners. Any lawyer would have jumped to take on her case because this is a surefire win of a case as Andrew has much more to lose than Tiger Woods in this case. And yet, in this story, Chloe is getting all blue and angst-ridden just to get a divorce. And all she wants is the custody of her kids! What's she going to feed them with? Lobsters caught by Dustin? After all the pain Andrew has put her through, where is her self-respect? Take that man down, girl, and take all his money!

Beyoncé said that the man should have put a ring on it, but ladies, don't forget, make sure he signs the dotted line in a document that will protect you should the marriage sinks.

Rating: 53

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