Terms Of Surrender
by Becky Barker, contemporary (2009)
Samhain Publishing, $2.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-501-6

Brody Chambers loves Cassie Pallard but alas, she skipped town on him to join the rodeo circuit with his best friend Chuck. I think someone wrote a country song about these three a few years ago. Anyway, when the story opens, she has come back into his life with her tail between her legs. You see, she claims that she has nowhere to stay and no job at the moment, so she is hoping that Brody can take her in. Our cowboy hero is understandably not so forgiving. He decides that he will take her in in exchange for her putting out to him in every way.

Terms Of Surrender is a very short story, which is good, because the two characters are so childish that I don't think I could have tolerated reading about these two beyond the short length of this story. The whole situation between those two boils down to pride mixed with bad communication problems, and as much as Brody deserves an apology from Cassie in this story, the way he elicits that apology makes him slime.

There are some mild spanking and bondage here, but personally, I'd have preferred seeing the both of them all tied up and spanked silly for wasting my time with this utterly daft story.

Rating: 54

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