Wolf Tracks
by Vivian Arend, paranormal (2010)
Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-1-60928-233-2

Pam's friend Maggie is getting married! Of course, she has no idea that Maggie is marrying a werewolf (that story can be found in Wolf Games, or that the wedding guests, including the guy who took her breath away with just one look, are the sorts that grow fur and howl at moon. On TJ's part, he's confused by his wolf's reaction to the human woman. Perhaps she has some kind of "wolf" in her? Hmm, but you know it is, what wolf wants, wolf gets.

This is a mate-mate-mate story, but then again, this is a werewolf story, and it's actually pretty easy for these two to fall into bed. The conflicts that arise are basically a small ones. One could have been a major hurdle to the happily ever after, what with Pam needing to accept and understand that she's going to be part of a tight-knit pack of werewolves, but her reaction upon learning the 101s is basically, "Oh, okay, the story is ending soon, so let's wrap this up, baby!" It's probably a good thing that I am not expecting much from this short story, as the romance here is not exactly the most believable one.

So, there's sex. There's mate-mate-mate stuff. Yet, this story has this going through the numbers feel to it, with the main couple overshadowed by their interactions with other secondary characters. I'm also disappointed by how TJ is supposed to be clumsy fellow, but in this story he morphs into basically another variation of the manly insistent randy werewolf hero that populates stories of this sort.

In short, this one is readable, but it's not exactly one that I will remember after a while. Come to think of it, I don't even recall the heroine's full name. Was it even given in the story? Do I even care? Not, really. Anyway, that's how I am not enthusiastic about this thing.

Rating: 60

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