Surrender Dorothy
by RG Alexander, paranormal (2009)
Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-475-0

In Surrender Dorothy, something funny is taking place in Venice Beach, California. Our witch heroine Dorothy is experiencing all these naughty episodes where her naughty wizard next-door neighbor Z tries his best to seduce her, and she just wishes that he'd just let her be. Okay, he's really easy on the eyes, but she'd rather not have him, thank you very much. Still, Z is on a warpath. Not only is he whispering naughty things directly into her mind, he also allows her to peep on him and a couple boinking in all their naked glory in his place. You'd think Dorothy will appreciate the free show since it's either that or she's being her stepsister's doormat, but Dorothy has to protest about her attraction to Z or we won't have any story here.

I think there is a plot here about secrets and Z having powers not usually found among wizards (and no, we aren't talking about that magic wand of his), but to be honest, I don't recall seeing much of that plot. There are plenty of sex scenes here though. This story isn't marketed as "Red Hot!" for no reason. I personally find these scenes more comical than erotic, however, and I wish there is more meat to the plot than there is to the hero's, er, physique.

Rating: 60

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