by Lexi Adair, contemporary (2009)
Samhain Publishing, $3.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-469-9

You have heard the record before I'm sure. In Lexi Adair's Rockstar, we meet Anthony Phoenix, the rock star that sets the music scene alight. Summer Staite - and with a name like hers, you'd think she is the rock star, no? - is the reporter who is determined to not become like another infatuated groupie. She will just meet him long enough to get enough material for an article on him. She tempts him with some sexual come-on act, they soon have sex, but because it's love, it's not like she slept her way into success, oh no. And of course, because writing for tabloid is a sin, Summer will soon be punished. When she has learned her lesson, our rock star will then swoop in for the happily ever after.

This is a pleasant read, but it is also a very predictable one, being that it is similar to every other story I've read that features a misunderstood rock star with an emo past. I can practically hear the squeaks of the gears turning in the background while reading this story. I've read better, I've read worse, but I'm very likely to have forgotten about this story by the time you are reading this.

Rating: 74

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