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Three Weeks With Lady X by Eloisa James Three Weeks With Lady X
By Eloisa James (historical)

Eloisa James is the bane of my existence. Her books can be so good, so much so that her missteps cut deeper than most.

Rating: 80

Wrong Ways Down by Stacia Kane Wrong Ways Down
By Stacia Kane (fantasy)

I can't come up with anything to say here. That's how interesting I found this one to be. It's alright, but... well, it's just alright, you know?

Rating: 66

Recent Book Reviews

By Wendy N Wagner (fantasy)
Rating: 71

Secrets Of A Bollywood Marriage
By Susanna Carr (contemporary)
Rating: 36

The Last Prince Of Dahaar
By Tara Pammi (contemporary)
Rating: 42

Between The Devil And Ian Eversea
By Julie Anne Long (historical)
Rating: 69

Summer Is For Lovers
By Jennifer McQuiston (historical)
Rating: 39

Trinity Falls
By Regina Hart (contemporary)
Rating: 66

Pleasure Under The Sun
By Lindsay Evans (contemporary)
Rating: 62

More Than A Stranger
By Erin Knightley (historical)
Rating: 60

How To Master Your Marquis
By Juliana Gray (historical)
Rating: 58

Securing The Greek's Legacy
By Julia James (contemporary)
Rating: 36

Interview With A Master
By Jason Luke (contemporary)
Rating: 74

Blissfully Yours
By Velvet Carter (contemporary)
Rating: 18

Drink, Slay, Love
By Sarah Beth Durst (fantasy)
Rating: 80

When The Rogue Returns
By Sabrina Jeffries (historical)
Rating: 61

City Of Jasmine
By Deanna Raybourn (historical)
Rating: 79

Rating Key

90 - 100 Smashing good!
80 - 89 Pretty good.
70 - 79 Flawed but readable
60 - 69 Average
50 - 59 Dry
30 - 49 Very dry
Under 30 Keep the day job. Please.