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Private Research by Sabrina Darby Private Research
By Sabrina Darby (contemporary)

Sexy club, sexy times, sexy rumba... either I'm far sexier than all of these or the book isn't the hot stuff, as I'm bored.

Rating: 58

Sleepless In Las Vegas by Colleen Collins Sleepless In Las Vegas
By Colleen Collins (contemporary)

It's been more than a decade, but the author's first book is still the best of everything she's ever written. Will we ever recapture that magic?

Rating: 72

Recent Book Reviews

Three Weeks With Lady X
By Eloisa James (historical)
Rating: 80

Wrong Ways Down
By Stacia Kane (fantasy)
Rating: 66

By Wendy N Wagner (fantasy)
Rating: 71

Secrets Of A Bollywood Marriage
By Susanna Carr (contemporary)
Rating: 36

The Last Prince Of Dahaar
By Tara Pammi (contemporary)
Rating: 42

Between The Devil And Ian Eversea
By Julie Anne Long (historical)
Rating: 69

Summer Is For Lovers
By Jennifer McQuiston (historical)
Rating: 39

Trinity Falls
By Regina Hart (contemporary)
Rating: 66

Pleasure Under The Sun
By Lindsay Evans (contemporary)
Rating: 62

More Than A Stranger
By Erin Knightley (historical)
Rating: 60

How To Master Your Marquis
By Juliana Gray (historical)
Rating: 58

Securing The Greek's Legacy
By Julia James (contemporary)
Rating: 36

Interview With A Master
By Jason Luke (contemporary)
Rating: 74

Blissfully Yours
By Velvet Carter (contemporary)
Rating: 18

Drink, Slay, Love
By Sarah Beth Durst (fantasy)
Rating: 80

When The Rogue Returns
By Sabrina Jeffries (historical)
Rating: 61

City Of Jasmine
By Deanna Raybourn (historical)
Rating: 79

Rating Key

90 - 100 Smashing good!
80 - 89 Pretty good.
70 - 79 Flawed but readable
60 - 69 Average
50 - 59 Dry
30 - 49 Very dry
Under 30 Keep the day job. Please.